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Polyanionic cellulose (pac)

HS Code:39123100
Routine Packing:25kg
Place of origin:China
QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qindao


Specification Of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose(pac lv | pac hv)


Mud fluids made from poly anionic celluloses (pac lv | pac hv) specially used in oil drilling are characterized by good function of reducing water loss, good inhibitive capability, high temperature endurance and high salt endurance.
The consumption of PAC amounts to 35%-40% of that of the traditional CMC products ( cmc lvcmc hv) and it is comparable to fresh-water drilling fluid in terms of the abilities to increase viscosity and reduce filtration loss.
oil drilling grade pac works best in salt water with the concentration of 4% and saturated salt water drilling fluid. In these conditions, it has the strongest salt tolerance and works especially well in deep wells, high temperature wells, salt wells, and offshore oil drilling.
In oil exploitation industry, PAC is a satisfactory diluting agent for drilling mud and a material of well fluids with its high yield of clay and good properties of salt resistance and anti-calcium.
oil drilling grade pac can effectively lower the filtration loss of fresh water mud, seawater mud and saturated salt water mud. It also has good stability and good high temperature resistance (150℃) when added to these materials.
oil drilling grade pac is applicable for the preparation of fresh water, seawater, and saturated salt water well fluids. It can also be used to make well fluids of various densities when the well fluid is weighted by calcium chloride, and it allows a viscosity and a lower filtration loss of the well fluid.
oil drilling grade pac, classified into pac lv | pac hv,is a famous patented product of our company. It is a kind of anionic cellulose ether in the form of white flowing powder. Its aqueous solution is a transparent viscous fluid.
It has the following functions and properties:
1. Quickly soluble in cold or warm water;
2. Having the effects of thickening, rheology, stability, protective colloid, suspension, and water retention.
Bothpac lv | pac hv play an important role in reducing the filtration loss in fresh water and seawater mud and this establishes them as indispensable products in drilling mud fluid compatibility.
oil drilling grade pac specifications:

Degree of Substitution (D.S)
Purity %
Apparent Viscosity( 600 rpm )  
Fluid filtration (ml) 
Moisture Content(%)
White or light yellow powder, not agglomeration

Remarks(oil drilling grade pac):
(1) Partical size: Min. 95% pass through 30 mesh
(2) Standard: pac lv&pac hv meet API 13I standard.
(3) We also can produce according to customer special requirement
(4) Dissolve suggestions: Pre-mix of CMC powder with other materials when dissolve
(5) Packed in Kraft paper bags of 25kgs net each. 18 months under dark, seal, cool and dry conditions.
The oil drilling grade pac products produced by our factory are in full compliance with the API-13A Standard. Its application by CNPC and companies specializing in oil exploitation from the United States and the Middle East speaks for the excellent performance and stable, reliable quality of the products, which has earned good reputation.

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